We ordered a sofa from the Arlington store and paid a $600 deposit.The store has since disappeared; its website has been taken down; and no one answers the phone.

Messages to other stores go unanswered. It appears, like others, I've been had.

I've filed a complaint with the VA Atty General, disputed the credit card charge, and am trying to file a complaint with VA Better Business Bureau.

Emna Alzate was the sales person who made the sale.We received an unsigned letter from Jeff Goldstein saying the story was relocating to the District of Coumbia but listed the Virginia store's number for further information about the order.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States #670270

any way to get everyone together and file a class action lawsuit against this guy?pull everyone's information on him to track owner jeff goldstein down?

he is currently in the wind.trying to serve him a supeona because he failed to deliver couch after payment.

anyone is same boat email me at kyager32@comcast.net


Oops, I mean well over 100 complaints

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